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Analysis on the price trend of titanium dioxide in 2021

Analysis on the price trend of titanium dioxide in 2021


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Titanium Dioxide is one of the main products of titanium coating industry chain. Mainly used in plastics, coatings, paper, ink, chemical fiber, cosmetics and other industries. At present, more than 20 titanium dioxide enterprises have announced to increase the price of titanium dioxide. In the post epidemic era, the price increase of means of production has continued to attract attention.

Titanium dioxide prices rise

This year, the titanium dioxide market has gone through five rounds of price increases, and the price of titanium dioxide has risen for 10 consecutive months since July 2020.The titanium dioxide market continued to rise in March 2021. At present, the mainstream factory price of rutile, anatase and chlorination is 18200-19800 yuan / ton, 15000-16500 yuan / ton and 19000-20700 yuan / ton respectively.

Since the end of March, with Huiyun titanium industry taking the lead in price increase, the titanium dioxide market has started a new round of price increase since this year. Up to now, more than 20 enterprises such as CNNC titanium dioxide, Jinpu titanium industry and Lomon Billions have successively announced to increase the price of titanium dioxide. From the price information, the domestic market of titanium dioxide has increased by 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan per ton, and the export price has increased by 120 dollars to 200 dollars per ton.

Strong demand due to rising costs

The rising price of titanium dioxide is fierce due to the excessive increase of raw material titanium ore. 93% of China's titanium ore resources are concentrated in Panzhihua and Xichuan area, and the supply of titanium ore in Panzhihua and Xichuan area is tight in recent years. At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, the output of overseas mainstream titanium ore manufacturers also declined, and the price of overseas ore is higher than that of domestic ore. In addition, titanium dioxide supply and demand imbalance, stimulate titanium dioxide prices.

Supply side: the supply of overseas titanium dioxide market is concentrated, and the overall pattern remains stable. More than 50% of the world's titanium dioxide production capacity is concentrated in five enterprises, of which only Lomon Billions is a Chinese enterprise, accounting for 12%, and the other four are overseas companies, namely chemours, tronox, Kronos worldwide and Venator (hereinafter referred to as the "four giants"), accounting for 42.2% of the world's total production capacity.

It is reported that due to the impact of the epidemic, the operating rate of some overseas titanium dioxide enterprises decreased, in addition, the expansion of overseas titanium dioxide enterprises was delayed. Among the four giants, only Kenmare and tenor have clear plans to expand their production in the next two years, and some of Komo's 200000 ton expansion plans are postponed to 2021-2022. In China, the new construction of titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric ACID process is prohibited, and the supply end cannot be increased.

Demand side: under the background of global easing, the downstream demand of chemical products recovers, especially the overseas demand continues to be strong. Recently, the overseas real estate market is booming, and the export of titanium dioxide continues to improve. On the other hand, the demand of titanium dioxide abroad is increasing, and the domestic titanium dioxide export is increasing, so the domestic titanium dioxide supply is decreasing. According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, the export volume of titanium dioxide in February 2021 was 94416.28 tons, the cumulative export volume was 201083.76 tons, the monthly export amount was US $222.4974 million, and the cumulative export amount was US $457.1702 million. The export volume decreased by 11.49% on a month on month basis, and the accumulated export volume increased by 15.50% on a year-on-year basis. At present, the export orders of many domestic titanium dioxide enterprises have been arranged until May this year.

Analysis on the price trend of titanium dioxide

The demand of overseas real estate in the downstream of titanium dioxide continues to improve, and the superposition of new energy vehicle tuyeres will drive the expansion of the upstream demand of the industrial chain, and the global demand for titanium dioxide is expected to improve. In the short and medium term, the supply and demand of titanium dioxide will be tightly balanced or even unbalanced, and it is expected to usher in a strong business cycle. In the long run, the titanium dioxide industry has downside risks. At present, the industry has entered a rising cycle, and the industry leaders have expanded production and increased energy, starting a new round of scale expansion.
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