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Domestic demand continues to increase, titanium dioxide price is rising all the way

Domestic demand continues to increase, titanium dioxide price is rising all the way


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Up again! Titanium Dioxide price goes up all the way

According to the news, on November 10, Lomon Billions, a leading titanium dioxide enterprise, raised its offer. The latest offer of titanium dioxide, a series of rutile products produced by sulfuric ACID process, was 16500 yuan / ton, an increase of 10%. This is longmang Baili's second price increase in the month since it did not raise the price on November 6.

In fact, since entering the golden age, the price of titanium dioxide has been rising all the way, and has experienced at least six large price rises. And the industry has formed a "hidden rule": small and medium-sized titanium dioxide enterprises first try to raise the price, then the leading enterprises, especially the export leading enterprises, send a letter to Lido, and finally most enterprises in the industry implement the price increase.

Recently, according to a source, after this adjustment, major manufacturers said that they would increase again at the right time, with the range of 500 yuan / ton - 800 yuan / ton.

Balance supply side impact

The main reason for the price increase of titanium dioxide is that the global sources of titanium concentrate are gradually reduced, the overall output is limited, and the large titanium ore plants at the raw material end have begun to overhaul, resulting in the reduction of titanium ore supply. In this context, the market demand is more and more, the limited titanium concentrate production can not plug the demand gap, coupled with the high operating rate of titanium dioxide enterprises, which aggravates the supply of raw materials. It is reported that since September, the price of titanium concentrate has been rising continuously. At present, the price of titanium concentrate has reached 1850-1880 yuan / ton, which is about 400 yuan / ton higher than that in early September, reaching a high point in nearly three years.

The soaring price of raw material titanium ore has brought great pressure to the production cost of titanium dioxide enterprises. In addition to increasing the price of titanium dioxide products in order to maintain profits, leading enterprises of titanium dioxide have begun to extend the layout of upstream and improve the control degree of raw material prices in the upstream.

Demand is up, and the price rise may continue

At present, titanium dioxide industry is in the peak season, real estate delivery pressure is increasing, car sales are increasing month by month, and the domestic demand for titanium dioxide continues to increase. In addition, the situation of foreign epidemic recurrence is grim, and the willingness to increase titanium dioxide production capacity is not strong. Therefore, the export situation of titanium dioxide is better. According to the customs data, the export volume of titanium dioxide in September 2020 is about 111835, with a year-on-year increase of 33.45%. From January to September 2020, the cumulative export volume increased by 22.75% year on year.

Industry insiders said that the current titanium dioxide industry chain upstream and downstream are bullish mentality. On the one hand, the supply of the factory is tight, there are large factory sealed orders to stop selling. On the other hand, the downstream also hopes to stock up at a low price. At present, they are purchasing production materials for the fourth quarter. And among them, traders also have the willingness to hoard goods, bullish future market, hoping to earn the price difference. In the later stage, the price of titanium ore is still on the rise. In order to ensure the profit level, titanium dioxide enterprises will inevitably increase accordingly.

Analysis shows that the demand side, foreign exports and domestic demand are good, exports are mostly cash transactions, manufacturers order more;

On the supply side, the domestic market is short of supply, and some types of titanium dioxide are out of stock;

At the raw material end, the upstream titanium ore price is high, and enterprises, especially anatase titanium dioxide enterprises, are under great pressure. The high raw material price supports the price of titanium dioxide.

Finally, titanium dioxide spot is still tight under the high price of titanium ore, and the short-term price of titanium dioxide is expected to rise steadily.

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