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Gold, silver and titanium dioxide Market in September

Gold, silver and titanium dioxide Market in September


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1、 Price trend

Taking the rutile Titanium Dioxide produced by sulfuric ACID process as an example, the price of titanium dioxide rose this month according to the data. At the beginning of the month, the average price of titanium dioxide in China was 13533.33 yuan / ton, and the average price at the end of the month was 14000 yuan / ton. The price rose within the week by 3.45%.

2、 Market analysis

According to incomplete statistics, more than 20 mainstream titanium dioxide manufacturers have issued price increase notices this month, including Lomo Billions, Anhui Annada, Jiangsu Zhentai, Shandong dawn, Shandong Doguide, ChTI, haifengxin, Jinpu titanium industry, Yumen Jingyang, Panzhihua Hengtong, Taihai,Guizhou shengweifu, Tianyuan Group, Yunnan Dahutong, Ningbo Xinfu and Luoyang Yuxing of China titanium group Chemical industry, Qianjiang Fangyuan, Guangdong Huiyun, Panzhihua Dongfang titanium industry, Panzhihua Zhengyuan technology, Jinan Yuxing, Kunming Donghao titanium industry, Panzhihua Tianlun chemical industry, Panzhihua titanium capital. The notice announced that the domestic price of titanium dioxide products was increased by 500 yuan on the original basis, and the international price was increased by 80-100 US dollars on the original basis. The rise in the vast majority of manufacturers solid holding up.

According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, in July this year, the export volume of titanium dioxide in China was 97500 tons, with a month on month increase of 26.17%, and a year-on-year increase of 10.07%; from January to July, the total export volume of titanium dioxide was 660600 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 15.84%. In 2020, affected by the global epidemic situation, the total amount of previous orders contracted slightly from May to June, but the overall export situation is still strong, achieving an unprecedented reverse oversupply in 2019. It is estimated that the total export volume in 2020 may exceed 1.1 million tons.

This month, the export market recovered well, and the export of enterprises increased in the third quarter, superimposed on the cost side, titanium ore prices rose, and everyone actively prepared goods at the downstream demand side. In the recent overhaul of large enterprises, the titanium dioxide market was under started, and the market supply was reduced, and most of the manufacturers were holding up. At present, the ex factory price of rutile titanium dioxide is 12300-14500 yuan / ton, and that of anatase titanium dioxide is 10500-11800 yuan / ton. Recently, a landslide in Yaoheba section of Sichuan Yaxi Expressway broke the expressway, which hindered the only way from Panzhihua to Chengdu, which increased the transportation cost of finished products and reduced the timeliness. The automobile transportation in Panzhihua was greatly affected, and some new unit prices gradually increased.

In terms of raw materials, the price of Panzhihua titanium ore was raised this month. The range is about 100-150 yuan / ton. At present, the quoted price of 38 titanium ore excluding tax is 960-1000 yuan / ton, that of 46 and 10 titanium ore is 1530-1600 yuan / ton, and that of 20 ore is 1550 yuan / ton. This week, the start of Panzhihua mine is still not high, large factory maintenance, the price of titanium concentrate is firm and upward, and the miners are reluctant to sell. Affected by the weather and road transportation, the spot of titanium middlings in the trading market is tight, the cost of titanium concentrate is boosting, and the market atmosphere is more favorable, and the price of titanium concentrate continues to operate at a high level.

3、 Future forecast

Our Titanium dioxide analysts believe that: this month, the export of enterprises has increased, the domestic downstream market has gradually recovered, domestic demand has increased, raw material titanium ore supply is tight, and the price is up. The rainstorm in Panzhihua affected road transportation, and the transaction price of some new orders increased gradually. It is expected that the titanium dioxide market will continue to dominate in the short term. According to the actual situation of a single spot transaction.

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