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In response to a wave of price rise, many companies raised the price of titanium dioxide

In response to a wave of price rise, many companies raised the price of titanium dioxide



Titanium Dioxide market ushered in price rise again!

Recently, a number of companies announced price increases of titanium dioxide products, including Lomon Billions, CNKI titanium dioxide and Pangang group. The domestic sales price increased by 500-700 yuan.

Lomon Billions Group announced: according to the current domestic and international titanium dioxide market demand growth, raw material price rise and other factors, after the company's price committee research and decision, from now on (December 1, 2020), the company's various types of titanium dioxide sales price on the basis of the original price of various types of domestic customers to increase 500 yuan / ton, to international customers 100 dollars / ton. CNKI titanium dioxide announced on the evening of December 2 that the company's price committee decided to comprehensively increase the sales price of various types of titanium dioxide on the basis of the existing sales price of titanium dioxide from now on. Among them, the sales price of domestic customers increased by 600 yuan / ton, and the export price of international customers increased by 100 US dollars / ton. Tianyuan Group announced that since December 2, 2020, the sales price of different brands of titanium dioxide by chlorination process will be increased by 700 yuan / ton on the basis of the original sales price for the domestic market, and 100 US dollars / ton for the international market on the basis of the original sales price. Chengdu Vanadium Titanium Resources Development Co., Ltd. of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group announced that from December 1st, the domestic price of DIOXIDO DE TITANIO including tax base increased by 700 yuan / ton, and the international price increased by 150 US dollars / ton.

In fact, the price of titanium dioxide has been rising since September, and has experienced at least seven large price rises.

The main reason for the price increase of titanium dioxide is that the global sources of titanium concentrate are gradually reduced, the overall output is limited, and the large titanium ore plants at the raw material end have begun to overhaul, resulting in the reduction of titanium ore supply. In this context, the market demand is more and more, the limited titanium concentrate production can not plug the demand gap, coupled with the high operating rate of titanium dioxide enterprises, which aggravates the supply of raw materials.

In addition, recently, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs issued the Announcement No. 54 of 2020 on adjusting the catalogue of prohibited goods for processing trade. From the original list of prohibited goods for processing trade, 199 ten digit commodity codes, including titanium dioxide, baking soda, urea and sodium nitrate, which are in line with national industrial policies and are not high energy consuming and highly polluting, have been removed And potassium sulfate. The revised catalogue will be implemented from December 1, 2020.

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of titanium dioxide. At present, China has become the world's largest producer of titanium dioxide, accounting for about 42% of the world's production capacity. However, most of the domestic enterprises have small production capacity and still have a large gap with overseas. Some data show that China's titanium dioxide consumption accounts for about 1 / 3 of the world's, and the demand is relatively stable.

At present, China has formed a supply pattern dominated by large groups such as Lomon Billions, CNKI titanium dioxide, Dongjia, Jinpu titanium and Pangang. The production capacity of the above five TiO2 companies accounts for half of China's total production capacity.

The strong rebound of titanium dioxide price, on the one hand, is affected by the rise of raw material titanium concentrate to promote production costs. On the other hand, the production capacity of overseas giants in the second quarter was affected by the epidemic situation, and the revenue generally declined, which provided an opportunity for Chinese titanium dioxide enterprises to go abroad to seize market share. From January to August, the export of titanium dioxide had increased by 20% year-on-year. At present, the epidemic situation in Europe and the United States has not yet been controlled, and the growth rate of titanium dioxide export may further increase. Therefore, the price of titanium dioxide in the fourth quarter still has room for further increase.

On the demand side, the domestic follow-up recovery speed is fast, while the foreign epidemic prevention and control is relatively loose, the normalization of the epidemic situation is obvious, and the operating rate of overseas leading enterprises is always low, which inevitably leads to the shortage of overseas supply. On the supply side, at present, the output of major titanium dioxide manufacturers in China is generally stable. Most manufacturers seize the opportunity of overseas market and seize the market share by taking advantage of the insufficient supply of overseas leading enterprises and the price difference of products. The preliminary list is still in production, and the spot supply is still tight. Current market spot inventory is low, titanium dioxide price is expected to remain high.

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