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PVC market rises strongly

PVC market rises strongly


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1、 According to the data (the average price of calcium carbide SG5), the mainstream average price of PVC in China was 9150 yuan / ton on May 7, up 2.09% from the beginning of this month and 62.67% from the same period last year.

2、 Market analysis

After the May Day holiday, the PVC futures market made a good start, and the price rose strongly, driving the spot trend. On May 6 and 7, the price rose by about 2%, with a year-on-year increase of more than 60%. Manufacturers generally increased, with a daily increase of about 100-200 yuan / ton. Most of the quotations now rose to above 9000 yuan / ton. Traders' offers also soared, and the overall focus of the market moved up. In recent days, the price of raw calcium carbide has risen, and the cost support has gradually strengthened. Moreover, the number of maintenance enterprises has increased in May, and the market supply has tightened, which is good for the price of PVC. At present, the export market has weakened, but the domestic market is relatively stable, and the quotation of downstream products industry has also risen with the rising of raw material market. However, the acceptance of high price PVC is still not high, and the market transaction is light, so we continue to maintain the purchase of rigid demand and make up on the cheap. Overall, the market is strong, raw material prices, tight supply, stable demand and other positive support PVC market strong operation.

In terms of spot price, the main quotation range of pvc5 calcium carbide in China is around 9000-9300 yuan / ton. Pvc5 calcium carbide in Hangzhou area is 9300-9500 yuan / ton; The main stream of pvc5 calcium carbide in Changzhou area is 9300-9450 yuan / ton; The mainstream price of PVC in Guangzhou is 9300-9450 yuan / ton; Prices have risen in various markets.

For international crude oil, on May 7, international oil prices closed down, down more than 1%. The settlement price of the main contract in the US oil futures market was US $64.71/barrel, down 0.92 US dollars or 1.4%. The settlement price of the main contract in Brent crude oil futures market was at US $68.09/barrel, down US $0.87 or 1.3%. The number of new infections in India and other parts of the world continued to rise, suppressing the upward momentum of oil prices. The favorable inventory data of the United States provided some support for oil prices and limited the decline of oil prices.

Ethylene, May 6, European ethylene market, FD northwest Europe quoted 1256-1267 US dollars / ton, CIF northwest Europe quoted 1200-1209 US dollars / ton, up 6 US dollars / ton. On May 6, in the US ethylene market, FD US Gulf quoted 881-893 US dollars / ton, up 6 US dollars / ton. Recently, the US ethylene market fell, and the demand was acceptable. On May 6, the price of ethylene in Asia was USD 1102-1110 / T in Northeast Asia and USD 1047-1055 / T in Southeast Asia. Recently, ethylene prices in Asia are mainly stable. Affected by the drop in upstream crude oil prices, the ethylene market may fall mainly later.

The reference price of calcium carbide in Northwest China was 4616.67 on May 7, up 1.47% compared with 4550.00 on May 1. The price of raw material orchid charcoal was low and the cost of calcium carbide was generally supported. PVC market in the lower reaches of the recent high consolidation, maintenance completed, downstream customers on calcium carbide procurement enthusiasm in general. Calcium carbide is expected to rise slightly in the future.

3、 Future forecast

PVC analysts believe that after the holiday, the PVC market has made a good start, the futures price has risen sharply, driving the spot trend. In addition, the price of raw material calcium carbide has continued to rise, the demand is stable, and the maintenance is good. It is expected that the PVC market will continue to rise in the short term.

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